Why Enagic® Kangen Ukon Sigma
1. Where It's Grown
Wild turmeric requires very precise conditions in order to flourish and achieve optimal potency. The plant thrives in a mildly warm and considerably wet climate with antioxidant-rich soil. These favorable conditions occur naturally in very few regions around the globe. But luckily for Enagic®, the most sought-after region in the world to grow wild turmeric is Okinawa.
More specifically, the northern region of Okinawa's main island - Yanbaru - offers deep forests free from pollution, potent native soil that is densely nutritious and bountiful in antioxidants, and the perfect sun angle to keep the soil warm year round. There is no other area in the world more suited for growing rich, high-quality turmeric. Even other regions in Okinawa cannot compare!

Ukon™ (wild turmeric) has been recognized for centuries as a natural healer1. It has been known since the era of the Ryukyu Dynasty as a strong antioxidant, and India's ancient medicine (Ayurveda) has used turmeric as an analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and antioxidant for over 6,000 years.
2. How It's Grown
Kangen Ukon™is organically grown and harvested exclusively by Enagic®, and completely free of the harmful chemicals used in lower-quality, conventional turmeric farming.
No pesticides, no chemicals, no additives....just turmeric!
3. How It's Cleaned
If Enagic® does not use harsh chemicals to clean the harvested turmeric, what do they use instead?
Strong Kangen Water and Strong Acidic Water!
Ukon is washed and sterilized in Enagic®'s own ionized Strong Kangen Water and Strong Acidic Water before it's carefully converted into a powder.
Strong Kangen Water
Strong Kangen Water is extremely alkaline (pH 11.0), and therefore has a strong cleaning and emulsifying effect. It has dissolving and heat conducting benefits, and can help remove unwanted substances without the use of harmful chemicals.
Strong Acidic Water
Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.5) has disinfecting properties. This water provides a powerful and safe alternative for commercial sanitizing needs. Kangen Ukon™can be completely sanitized in the most natural way possible - ionized acidic water!
4. How It's Encapsulated
The 100% plant-based soft gel Kangen Ukon™capsule is made complete with antioxidant ingredients such as olive oil, perilla oil, flaxseed oil and tocotrienol.
In order to maximize the effectiveness and healthfulness of Kangen Ukon™, Enagic® patented an inventive process for the creation of each capsule.
100% Plant Based
You can find other turmeric supplements on the market, but those products oxidize too quickly when you break the seal and open the bottle. That's why Enagic® designed individually-enclosed capsules that preserve essential oils from the Spring Ukon, keeping them refined and concentrated.
5. How It's Produced
The Kangen Ukon™ factory has been registered as a food facility by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (Registration number: 18161996856).

The plant meticulously ensures overall safety, approval of quality products, and surveillance of the circulation of food and supplies.
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